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Simulations in Integrated Optics — a Collection of Online Resources ×
OMS - 1D multilayer slab waveguide mode solver - Online ! OMS: A mode solver for optical dielectric multilayer slab waveguides with 1D cross sections. Following the waveguide definition in terms of refractive indices, layer thicknesses, and the vacuum wavelength, the script calculates the propagation constants / effective indices of guided modes and allows to inspect the corresponding optical field patterns. Facilities for evaluating simple parameter scans (modal dispersion properties) are provided. The solver is intended as a basic tool for integrated optics design, in particular for purposes of demonstration.
EIMS - 2D effective index mode solver - Online ! EIMS: Similar to its 1D counterpart, this script calculates and visualizes the guided fields of dielectric integrated optical waveguides with two-dimensional light confinement and weak lateral guiding. Note the remarks on the variant of the effective-index approximation the mode solver relies on.
MuLS - Plane wave reflection at dielectric multilayers - Online solver ! MuLS: A solver for problems of plane wave reflection from dielectric multilayer systems at oblique incidence. Given the stack definition in terms of refractive indices, layer thicknesses, vacuum wavelength, and the angle of incidence, the script calculates reflectance and transmittance properties for s- and p-polarized waves, and allows to inspect the optical field profiles. Facilities for evaluating parameter scans / spectra are available. The script can serve as a basic tool for the design of dielectric multilayer coatings / reflectors / filters, in particular for purposes of demonstration.
BendS -  1-D mode solver for slab waveguide bends - Online solver ! BendS: A mode solver for bent integrated optical multilayer slab waveguides and curved dielectric interfaces with 1-D cross sections. Following the structure definition in terms of bend radius, refractive indices, layer thicknesses, if applicable, and the vacuum wavelength, the script calculates the complex effective indices of the leaky modes supported by the bend, or their phase propagation and attenuation constants, respectively, and allows to inspect the corresponding bend mode profiles. Optical field patterns associated with the bend mode propagation can be visualized directly. Under construction!
QuEPS - 2-D frequency domain solver for rectangular optical guided-wave scattering problems - Online ! QuEPS: A frequency domain solver for 2-D rectangular optical guided-wave scattering problems. The scalar polarized 2-D Helmholtz equations are addressed, on a rectangular computational domain with transparent boundary conditions that permit guided wave in- and outflux. Following the problem specification in terms of interface positions, a matrix of refractive index values, polarization and wavelength parameters, and guided wave input, the script determines modal output amplitudes (elements of the scattering matrices), and the power levels associated with guided and nonguided directional outgoing waves (transmittances / reflectances, power balance). Facilities for detailed inspection of the optical electromagnetic field are provided, including animations of the harmonic oscillations in time, with options for exporting figures and data.
Wavelength / frequency / energy equivalents WaFE: Conversion between quantities that characterize the propagation of harmonic electromagnetic waves in vacuum. This concerns wavelength, wavenumber, spectroscopic wavenumber, frequency, angular frequency, time period, and photon energy, (mostly) in SI units.
Term evaluation Teval: A script that can evaluate simple C-style expressions. The program knows about the numerical values of some common physical constants, hence it is in particular useful for a certain class of basic exercises in physics courses ...