A chain of square dielectric optical microresonators

2D simulations of configurations with the following specification: background refractive index 1.45, refractive index of the guiding regions 3.4, waveguide core width 0.073 µm, cavity width / height 1.451 µm, all horizontal / vertical gaps 0.4 µm.

2D chain of square dielectric microresonators

All calculations are meant for TE polarization, i.e. Ey is the single nonvanishing component of the electrical field. The QUEP simulations are based on a spectral discretization with 110 modal terms per vertical slice, and 200 modal terms on each horizontal layer, on an interior computational window [-3, 8.153]x[-3, 16.03] µm2.

Spectral properties

The resonator chain is exicted by the guided mode of the narrow vertical channel, incoming from the top. R and T are the guided power fractions that are reflected back into the input port and transmitted straight through to the lower output channel, here functions of the vacuum wavelength.

Spectral properties of the chain 1.535 µm 1.5426 µm 1.5451 µm 1.5485 µm 1.5504 µm 1.5535 µm 1.5575 µm 1.565 µm

Curves A0 - A8 correspond to squared values of the local field in the respective cavities, maximized over the 8 observation points (off center by 0.16 µm and 0.666 µm) as indicated by the markers in the schematic above. The links at the positions indicated by the bold tick marks lead to illustrations of the time dependent electric field.