Square dielectric cavity with perpendicular ports

the computational domain

QUEP simulations of configurations with the following specification: background refractive index nb = 1.0, refractive index of the guiding regions ng = 3.4, waveguide core width w = 0.1 µm, cavity width W = 1.786 µm, gaps gh = 0.355 µm, gv = 0.385 µm, q = 0.355 µm. All calculations are meant for TE polarization, i.e. Ey is the single nonvanishing component of the electrical field.

Wavelength dependence of the transmission

Spectral response of the resonator 1.550 µm 1.579 µm

The resonator is excited at the left by the guided mode of the horizontal core. PR, PT, and PU are the relative guided power fractions that are reflected, transmitted straight ahead, and scattered upwards. The links at the positions indicated by the the blue tick marks lead to illustrations of the time dependent electric field.