Periodic dielectric waveguide in 2D

A series of dielectric squares, 2D simulations of configurations with the following specification: background refractive index 1.0, permittivity of the dielectric squares 12, square edges 0.4 µm, period Λ = 1 µm. All calculations are meant for TE polarization, i.e. Ey is the single nonvanishing component of the electrical field.

2D periodic dielectric waveguide

The parameter set has been adapted from J.D. Joannopoulos et al., Photonic Crystals - Molding the Flow of Light, Princeton University Press, 2008. The BEP simulations are based on a piecewise spectral discretization with wavelength adapted computational window and wavelength adapted number of modal expansion terms.

Band structure diagram

band structure diagram (0.114105, 0.1) (0.300368, 0.2) (0.499224, 0.2433) (0.49088, 0.4086) (0.489459, 0.4641)

Normalized angular frequency ω (= period / vacuum wavelength) versus the normalized wavenumber β of guided Floquet-Bloch modes. The links at the positions indicated by the tick marks lead to illustrations of the time dependent electric fields associated with the propagation of the Floquet-Bloch modes.