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Gaussian beams Free-space propagation of Gaussian beams, beam spreading, interference of co-and counter-propagating beams at different angles of incidence.


Waveguiding & coupling Directional propagation of guided modes, propagating- and standing waves, codirectional evanescent coupling between adjacent cores.


Waveguide facets Light propagation across the end facets of slab waveguides, total reflection in case of a specific multimode configuration.


Bent slab waveguide Propagation along curved slab waveguides with different bend radii, field/radiation pattern, propagation and attenuation constants.


Waveguide crossing Perpendicular crossing of two slab waveguides, single- and multimode configurations with different core widths.

Photonic crystal waveguide

Photonic crystal waveguide, 90-degree bend 90o-bend in a photonic crystal waveguide, a rectangular lattice of square rods, access waveguides included.

Square microresonator

Square microresonator A circuit with a square microcavity between two bus waveguides, spectral power transmission and field pattern at resonance and nearby.

Square microcavity

Square microcavity, perpendicular ports A square microcavity with perpendicular bus waveguides, a resonant waveguide T-junction; power spectrum and field examples.

Rectangular cavities

Rectangular cavities Configurations with different aspect ratio and orientation, spectral power transmission, field pattern at major and minor resonances.


Two coupled square cavities, an add-drop-filter Two square microcavities, direct coupling and interaction through bus waveguides, add-drop-filter functionality.

High-contrast gratings

Finite high-contrast dielectric gratings Finite corrugated dielectric membranes, normal incidence of Gaussian beams, varying number of periods, 2-D QUEP simulations.

Resonator chain

Chain of square microcavities A sequence of square dielectric cavities, evanescent guided wave excitation at one end, resonant field pattern, spectral amplitudes assigned to the individual cavities.


Resonant letters Rectangular arrangement of dielectric squares and specific spacers; all pieces of the composite structure resonate at the same frequency.


Circular microring Circular microring-resonator, two bus channels, radial fundamental resonances, HCMT model (bend-mode based), spectral transmission.


Circular microdisk Circular microdisk-resonator, two bus channels, radial fundamental and first order resonances, QUEP simulations (staircase approximation).


Three-ring CROW Short coupled resonator optical waveguide, three coupled micro-rings, straight access channels, HCMT model (bend-mode based), spectral transmission.

Photonic molecule

Photonic molecule Symmetric arrangement of three micro-rings, excitation through a slab channel, HCMT analysis (WGM-based), Transmission resonances, supermodes with and without bus.


Bend-straight-couplers Conventional CMT-analysis (3D) of couplers made of a bent and a straight waveguide; basis: WMM modes for straight channels.

Periodic waveguide

Periodic waveguide Infinite regular sequence of high-contrast dielectric squares, 1-D periodicity, Floquet-Bloch modes, band structure diagram.

Cross-strip interferometer

Cross strip interferometer Laterally unguided, vertically guided light traverses a rib of specific dimensions, a polarizer configuration.


Polarization independent integrated optical circulator Concept for a polarization-independent integrated optical circulator, 3D, unidirectional magnetooptic polarization converters combined with polarization splitters.

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